Silage Safe – sealing system

Silage Safe – sealing system

Sealing and unsealing your roughage is often very intensive and time consuming. Furthermore is the way by which the roughage is sealed influential in its quality. Sealing your roughage airtight in a quick and efficient way is therefore very important. The Silage Safe roughage sealing system offers you the way to seal your roughage quickly, precisely and with minimal amounts of physical effort before it starts to rain.












With the Silage Safe sealing system you can cover your roughage directly airtight after putting it in the pit, in a quick and precise manner, with minimum amounts of physical effort. This makes sure that the roughage is optimally preserved and retains a high amount of quality. Because you can easily seal your roughage, it becomes easier to store it in layers. This provides a constant quality of the roughage. This further leads to an optimal roughage intake of the cows, which in turn results in the good health of your cows and a higher rate of production.

A Silage Safe sealing system:

  • An airtight seal of your roughage in a quick and uncomplicated way
  • The minimizing of roughage loses
  • A low amount of physical effort while unsealing the roughage
  • Adjustable to your rate of feeding, hereby your roughage remains optimally preserved
  • Without walling, hoses or sand pressure on your pit, including edges along your silo wall
  • Sealing in layers is possible due to the fact that you can easily and quickly are able to unseal and seal your roughage
  • Low price of purchase


The Silage Safe sealing system offers a great number of advantages over the use of tires, hoses or sand when securing your agricultural foil on top of your roughage.

  • Laboursaving: After putting the roughage in the pit, you can seal your roughage within half an hour without much physical effort. Unsealing your roughage is also much easier.
  • High roughage quality: By optimally sealing your roughage airtight it is optimally preserved. Hereby the quality of the roughage is retained.
  • Uncomplicated system: The system does not use big porches or platforms on your roughage. Only cloth made out of synthetic material, PVC and steel tubes and clamping straps.

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