Royal mat – rubber floor mats

Royal mat – rubber floor mats

Cows on the Royal Mat rubber floor mats feel and behave just as if they were in the meadow. These floor mats from JOZ ensure that the cows also move around more and better in the cow housing. That leads to less foot problems. Due to the increased activity moreover, the feed intake is better. This optimal comfort for the cows translates directly into higher milk production.

JOZ supplies the Royal Mat floor mats with a slight profile on the upper side and a corrugated underside. The floor mats are easy to keep clean with the JOZ manure scrapers systems and they are firmly attached to the underlying surface. The manufacturer of Royal Mat products makes them from recycled rubber. This rubber is more stable than new rubber and is consequently minimally susceptible to shrinkage or stretching. Laying the mats is easy. Fixing is by means of fixing adhesive and plug nails. The most prevalent mats for cow housings are the standard rectangular mats. However, interlocking mats are available as an option. JOZ gives 10 years guarantee on the Royal Mat floor mats.

Advantages of Royal Mat:

  • more comfort in free stalls
  • cows move around more and better
  • less sliding
  • less foot problems
  • better feed intake
  • higher milk production
  • excellent in combination with the JOZ manure scrapers
  • easy to lay
  • 10 years guarantee

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