Bagtank – slurry bags

Bagtank – slurry bags

Need storage for fluids up to 7000 m3? No problem! Our Bagtank offers you flexible storage for siting on any surface.

The Bagtank is made from a polyester fabric with a high-grade plastic coating applied to both sides. This is resistant to many kinds of fluid and the effects of UV radiation. This guarantees a long service life.
Bagtank is supplied in a square or rectangular shape and, depending on the highest groundwater level, it can be installed partly below surface level. The mechanical forces that arise during the use of the Alligator Bagtank are taken up straightforwardly by the strong fabric. Based on strength calculations, the primary components such as material, welded seams and fixing points are dimensioned with very generous safety margins. The Alligator Bagtank is certified by KIWA.

As a standard, the Alligator Bagtank features:

  • suction/filler pipe
  • valves
  • spillage container
  • air vents
  • closable inspection opening

If required, mixing equipment can be supplied along with the Bagtank. Various systems are available for this. Both the design and manufacture are carried out by our dedicated and skilled workforce at Alligator. This enables us to react to the requirements of any project quickly and efficiently.


  • No expensive foundation structure needed
  • Inherently suitable for a weak subsoil
  • Forms upper and lower seal simultaneously
  • Minimal impact on the surrounding landscape
  • Sloped sides for easy emptying
  • The Alligator Bagtank offers you a flexible and affordable storage system


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