L-tank – slurry bags

L-tank – slurry bags

The Alligator L-tank is a storage system suitable for all, non-aggressive, liquids up to 1000 m3. The simple rectangular shaped L-tank provides the solution when a quick or temporary storage of liquid is necessary.

This flexible tank is very easy to install at any stable and leveled surface. On a hard surface a protection layer is advisable. Due to its low shape, the L-tank fits easily into the landscape. L-tank is from a polyester fabric which is coated on both sides with PVC. The reinforced material is especially suited to resist all mechanical forces which may occur during use of the L-tank. A long lifetime is guaranteed thanks to maximum stabilization against the effects of ultraviolet radiation. To store drinking water a special material is available.

The L-tank can be provided with almost every kind of connection or valve. Albers Alligator and partners provide you with reliable advice on placing, using, emptying and cleaning the L-tank after use.

The Alligator L-tanks are supplied with:

  • rigid PVC strips on the corners
  • de-aeration point on top2 inch fill-/e
  • mptying tab at the front3 years warranty, when
  • used according to manual

Possible extra’s:

  • protection felt
  • valves or tabs in almost any size
  • produced for potable water
  • company certificate


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