Moov – feed pusher

Moov – feed pusher

The Moov feed pushing robot is a fully automatic robot for dairy cattle stables. With the Moov your cattle stock will have 24/7 access to fresh feed.

The Moov scrapes the feed passage clean at times selected by you. The robot follows transponders; this allows the robot to know where it is in the stable at all times. The robot has two maintenance-free AGM batteries. Charging occurs automatically on the J-Load that can be placed in the stable.

Advantages of the Moov:

  • Increases feed intake
  • Labour-saving
  • Contributes to higher milk production
  • Feed available 24/7 for all cows
  • Better performance by low ranked cows
  • Calmer cattle stock
  • Clean feed passage
  • Simple & user-friendly
  • Better efficiency of milking robots


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