Scrapers – manure scrapers

Scrapers – manure scrapers

A JOZ scraper ensures your concrete or slatted fl oor is optimally cleaned. The benefi ts for you are: cleaner cows and lower veterinarian costs. However, your slurry scraper can do more than you might think. JOZ slurry scrapers can be easily fi tted with an Electric herding fence.
The JOZ scraper system is used as transport for the Electric herding fence, which is fi tted to the scraper prior to milking. With an extra pushbutton in the milking parlour you can make the scraper move the necessary distance, which can be adjusted as required.
The cows will be guided slowly and quietly towards the milking parlour, and, if necessary, they can be encouraged to keep moving by low-level electric pulses emitted by the Electric herding fence. So you never have to leave the milking parlour to bring in the last cows. The new electronic control panel means that this option is available on any JOZ slurry handling system.

This provides the following advantages:

  • greater certainty in the shed for people and animals
  • one control panel suitable for operating two systems
  • power supply 220 V
  • integrated frost-protection system and Electric herding fence
  • adjustable parking position for the scraper
  • adjustable starting position for the Electric herding fence
  • user-friendly settings menu
  • longer operating life of steel cable/dynachord
  • longer operating life of the 13 mm chain
  • longer operating life of the drive wheel
  • longer operating life of the gear wheel transmission unit

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