The Positioning Cubicle

The Positioning Cubicle

A distinctive feature of the Positioning Cubicle is the horizontal bottom rump rail constructed to a maximum length to prevent injury to the cow’s spine. The Positioning Cubicle ensures that the cow lies straight, which means the cubicle remains cleaner. In addition, the PE knee rail of 125 x 7.4 mm helps to keep the cow in the best possible position, something that also makes it easier for the cow to get up.

Optional: Positioning Cubicle with folding bracket

The folding bracket is designed to close off a row of cubicles quickly and securely. Closing off a row of cubicles can be useful when part of the cowshed is used as a collecting area behind the parlour. This can be done with the folding bracket. The cows are temporarily prevented from entering the cubicle which encourages them to move to the parlour more quickly and prevents unnecessary soiling of the cubicles.













It is also important that the cows do not immediately lie down in the cubicle after they leave the parlour. This is where the bracket also comes in handy as it encourages the cow to remain standing and start feeding so that the teat openings are given a chance to recover.


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