Dual Waterbed

Dual Waterbed

Unlike with deep litter, conventional mattresses or rubber mats, cows experience a very high level of comfort on the Dual Waterbed. By using a dual compartment, the water in the bed is more stable and the weight of the cow is evenly distributed. This prevents pressure sores from developing and prevents damaged and swollen hocks.

The design of the waterbed ensures that leaked milk and urine run off the bed. This means a greater level of hygiene with less work and less bedding. The Dual Waterbed ensures a cleaner and dryer lying area, reducing the chance of mastitis and increased SCC.

There is a strong relationship between the temperature of the lying area and milk leakage. The Dual Waterbed transfers the heat from the cow via the water to the cooler ground beneath unlike conventional rubber mats and mattresses with a dense filling which insulate the cow’s warmth and cause increased levels of milk leakage. When the ambient temperature is lower than the ground temperature, especially in winter, the Dual Waterbed regulates the temperature for the cow to a comfortable level.


Dual waterbeds provide the following benefits:

  • excellent cow comfort
  • prevent health problems, such as: Swollen hocks, damaged hocks, mastitis, spinal injury
  • minimizing operating costs
  • cleaner animals
  • better hygiene = less somatic cells
  • 10 years warranty

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