Silos – vertical silos

Silos – vertical silos

The company Eurosilos SIRP dates back to the early seventies when the first production facility was established: a pioneer activity in Europe committed to manufacture fiberglass silos for cattle, pig, poultry and grain industries. Steadily careful to meet the farmers’ needs worldwide, strictly complying with the static international regulations, our company Eurosilos Sirp Srl developed a wide range of modular fiberglass silos.

  • Capacity ranging from 2 to 42 tons.
  • Perfect preservation of meals, pellets, granules, animal blends, fertilizers, salts and minerals.
  • Easy flow of any stored product.
  • Easy assembling process.
  • Modular silos are suitable for an homogeneous load on trucks and containers.
  • The thermal insulation properties of fiberglass frame keep an ideal temperature at all latitudes withstanding extreme weather conditions.
  • No condensation, no internal fouling, perfect waterproof equipment.
  • Long lifetime with tiny maintenance.
  • Fiberglass silos are corrosion free.
  • Wide range of bottom outlets meeting all requirements.
  • Visual check of feed level.

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